Police Patches made in the USA

We do not charge a set-up fee to reproduce your current patch or to create a new one for your department or specific unit.
Just send us an E-mail with a picture of your current patch. If you don't have a picture, a rough sketch will work.
Please include quantity, size and any other modifications you would like for your patches.
 Solid fill emblems @20,000 stitches.

 125 emblems @ $5.75/ea.
 250 emblems @ $4.50/ea.

 Velcro Backing Available
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If a solid fill is not required, consider fabric background emblems @12,000 stitches.

125 emblems @ $3.50/ea.
250 emblems @ $2.75/ea.

Velcro Backing Available.
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Embroidered Badges

 Gold and Silver badges available in
 combo orders to meet quantity

 60 badges @ $5.50/ea.
 125 badges @ $3.75/ea.
 250 badges @ $3.00/ea.

 Velcro Backing Available.

 See more samples

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Police Patch Embroidery

Apparel 2000..... supplies custom embroidered uniform shoulder patches and all-seasons apparel to hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. We can use your current design or we can quickly design one for you.
Shoulder patches, cap emblems, modified emblems for all departments at no set-up costs. Full color or subdued patches available. Police patches, dispatcher emblems, embroidered badges, K-9 unit patches, sheriffs patches, rank insignia, stripes and service bars too.
Please call or fill out this form to place and order or for more information about our services.
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